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Regarding the copying, modifying, distributing and selling of the Art

All rights the pictures and content of belong to Andrés A. Aguiar Achi. No reproduction, copying, modifying, distribution, public display or selling as a whole or partially allowed without the written consent by Andrés A. Aguiar Achi.
(As an exception the image may be copied for personal archiving.)
You may not create derivative works of the artworks displayed at nor use the work as source or part of your creations without permission of the artist. This means that the art displayed here may not be freely used to create avatars, signatures and other works of such kind.

Denis Aguiar Pineda
Schützenplatz 12a
28790 Beckedorf


Verantwortlich für Inhalte: Denis Auiar Pineda, Andrés A. Aguiar Achi
Gestaltung, Umsetzung: Stefan Wohlgemuth

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